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We are a website design company located in sunny Mesa, AZ. We specialize in building custom, yet affordable websites for small businesses (including eCommerce sites)  that promete your brand, are mobile friendly, and easy to manage. We also specialize in website rejuvenation for older and outdated websites. We aim to build your site in a timely manner with functionality that serves you, and even get you comfortable adding new content on your own.

Our web designers/developers have extensive experience designing/developing WordPress websites.  We also have extensive experience installing and configuring many plugins for WordPress.

Besides website design, we offer these additional services:

  • Website Hosting – We offer affordable and reliable website hosting for small businesses and personal use for just $11.99/month, or $119.99/year (a 23% savings)
  • Website Maintenance – We offer an affordable Annual Website Maintenance Plan for $21.99/month, or $199.99/year (a 24% savings)
  • Website Backup – We offer a periodic backup of the website.  If for whatever reason the website becomes compromised, having a backup of the website that we can apply will minimize website down time, and prevent loss of content. Website Backup Plan is $199.99/year.

We believe that the small business and personal website market is under served. We aim to set the bar higher as to what you should expect from your website and your website design team.

Message from Kim Sunde, Owner

Hello! I am Kim Sunde, owner of Mesa Website Designs. We are a family owned and operated business located in Mesa, Arizona. We want to become your go-to for your website needs. While we live in Mesa, we have customers as far away as Minnesota and Florida. We like to get to know our clients and keep in touch to be sure their website needs are addressed. It doesn’t matter if you need a new site, or if your old site needs a make-over, we can help! I would love to meet with you and help you design the site of your dreams!

Mesa Website Design – New Improvements

Greetings! We have made a few changes to our website and more are in the works. We added a live messaging program to our website. When visiting our website now you will an icon in the lower right on the screen with the words "Let's Chat." Just click on the icon and...

Website Hosting

Hosting is the function that allows your website to be viewed by the world.  The files for your website get housed on a hosting server and are accessed when someone views your website. So, having a host company that you can count on is imparitive. Mesa Website Designs...

Does font choice really matter?

Greetings friends! We have all read emails, or visited websites with font type and/or size made it hard to read. Yet many disregard the font type selection in the design of their website. To answer the bog post question, yes font type does...

Small Business Websites Designed The Way You Envisioned

Good day! Tailoring a website design for a customer is a talent that now all website designers or developers have the skill set to do. It takes experience, knowledge, and listening skills. From a different perspective, I am selling a jacket,...

Why Write a Blog?

Greetings friends! One of the best things a small business or someone with a personal website can do is to write a blog on a regular basis. Writing a blog about the topics you are passionate about can do the following for your website: Increase viewership...

Impound Lot Search Function

We are proud to offer a solution for the Tow industry to integrate their impound lot inventory with their website. Reduce call volume with this new impound lot inventory search function.

Website Maintenance

Website maintenance is as important as having a website for your small business. A website adds legitimacy to your company, helps to build your brand, and attracts customers. To portray your business in its best light, your businesses website needs to be fully functional, contain updated information, and expand as your business grows.

Benefits of Having a Business Email Address

Small businesses often overlook the benefits of have a business email address.  There are numerous benefits for having a business email address, regardless of the size of your company.  Similar to how having a website for your business helps to add legitimacy and credibility to your business, so does having a business email account.

Re-Skin Your Site

Re-skinning your website is essentially taking the meaty part and just wrapping it in new tech to make it look and feel like a new site, but at a fraction of the cost and build time.

Rich – Web Designer

I had retired after a 16 year career in public safety. I had an interest in computers, and started my IT career by helping a neighbor with a small website


It’s not uncommon to start working on a client’s website, only to find out they don’t have control of their domain name and or hosting. We recommend you have your own hosting account, so you are in full control of all of your business’s digital assets.

Paul – Web Designer

I started building websites in College. I worked for my dad’s printing company, and he had an outdated flash based website that was actually hosted on the designer’s own PC. I took the challenge to learn

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