I started building websites in College. I worked for my dad’s printing company, and he had an outdated flash based website that was actually hosted on the designer’s own PC. I took the challenge to learn the in’s and out’s of building and hosting a website built from scratch. After I launched that site, I couldn’t leave it alone. I kept making one improvement after another. Learning was really exciting and it became a part of my dad’s design business. I built a few more websites in .html and then had a client looking to make changes themselves after it launched. WordPress was just starting to get popular, but was only a blogging software. It was completely free and my cousin knew how to hack the code so the site could also have static pages. Lucky for me it’s popularity soared and every change I hoped they would make to WordPress actually happened, like they could read my mind. It was obvious that a blog section on any website would be an easy way to boost the search engine optimization. Now there are great mobile friendly themes that make it easy for clients to make edits and add content. There are plugins for just about anything that don’t require any coding. I think it’s really exciting to see the internet come this far is such a short amount of time. Years ago when I started writing my first line of code on index.html I wouldn’t have imagined there would be cell phones all over the planet connected to the internet and grabbing the exact information the person was looking for like it was nothing. If you already have a website, you might consider re-skinning it. I specialize in taking your exact look and content from your current site and wrapping it in a content manager that is mobile responsive and loaded with new possibilities!