Re-skinning your website is essentially taking the meaty part and just wrapping it in new tech to make it look and feel like a new site, but at a fraction of the cost and build time. If you have an existing website that is outdated, then most of the work is already done. It’s amazing how wrapping your same old content in a new skin will add new life to your site. If you have been using a particular color scheme for years, we recommend you stick to that scheme to help reduce any confusion from repeat visitors, but take advantage of features that will help your audience qualify your products and services from your website. We use a theme so powerful, it’s like there is no theme because every page can be styled independently. A search box will help visitors navigate through your site and mobile responsiveness helps decrease loading times and fits your page content to match the device properly. If it’s time to breath new life into your website, start by sending us your ideas with the form below!

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