Small businesses often overlook the benefits of have a business email address.  There are numerous benefits for having a business email address, regardless of the size of your company.  Similar to how having a website for your business helps to add legitimacy and credibility to your business, so does having a business email account. You may only have one chance to make a good impression.  Business email addresses include your business in the email address, as an example:  Providing customers with your business email address instills confidence.  It also advertises your business each time an employee sends an email from the account and it helps build your brand. Many small businesses overlook this aspect because of cost, or lack of knowledge on setting it up.  The fact is that it is relatively inexpensive, especially when compared to all of the benefits and advertising it provides.  Mesa Website Designs is experienced in setting up business email accounts.  Contact us to get started on your business email account today!