Greetings friends! We have all read emails, or visited websites with font type and/or size made it hard to read. Yet many disregard the font type selection in the design of their website. To answer the bog post question, yes font type does matter.

It turns out that although Arial is the default standard by most website developers, sometimes it is OK to deviate from this. Arial most widely used sans serif fonts. It is easy to view on a variety of browsers, and this adds some familiarity and reassurance to the owner of the website. However, there is a wide variety of font styles that can be used by your website development team. The key is to select the correct font style, for the correct content that is represented in the website.

Point in chief is that although an Arial font type would be easy to read, and recognizable by a lot of readers, we had a client that was advertising a wedding. For most people, attending a wedding is one of the most formal events that they will ever attend, myself included. For this customer we selected to use a more formal font for the advertisement of the wedding, and diverted to an Arial font for the mundane parts of the site; R.S.V.P., directions to the church and reception, etc…

So, in summary, yes font matters. Please contact Mesa Website Designs for all of your website needs. Our staff is well versed in designing websites for a wide variety of businesses, and personal websites, and we can address your font type needs.