Greetings! We have made a few changes to our website and more are in the works. We added a live messaging program to our website. When visiting our website now you will an icon in the lower right on the screen with the words “Let’s Chat.” Just click on the icon and send us a message.

We added a Join Our Mailing List section to the bottom of the Home page. We will periodically send out Tips & Tricks, and updated info about new features. So, head to the Home page and sign up!

We also added a menu item that is called Videos. This will open to two pages; Client Tutorials, and Development Tutorials. The Client Tutorials will cover some topics that our clients are interested in learning about their website. The Developer Tutorial page is a reference for other website developers to seek help with different aspects of developing a website. Look for videos to start appearing there in the near future.

We are excited about these new improvements. As always, please contact Kim if you have any questions.