Every person or business with a website should require Two Factor Authentication (2FA) when a user attempts to log into the website. Single Factor Authentication uses something you know, a password for example.  Two Factor Authentication also requires something you have, a changing computer generated code for example.

There are different ways to use 2FA, my favorite is Google Authenticator. I have this set up on our website.  When I go to log into the website, I have to enter my username & password (Single Factor Authentication), and a code from my Google Authenticator app (free from Google).  The code changes periodically, so you need to enter the code that Google Authenticator displays when you attempt to log into the site.  Without this code you will not be able to log into the website.  This adds another good layer of security for your website. We offer this on all of our clients websites.  Contact us today to start using 2FA.