We are excited to offer a solution for the towing industry to integrate their impound lot inventory with their website. Does your office staff spend countless hours each year fielding phone calls from customers asking if their vehicle was been impounded to your tow yard? Reduce call volume with this new impound lot inventory search function.

We have a solution that works with popular tow management software and your website.  The automated process downloads data from the impound section of your tow management software, and uploads it into a database on your website.  From your website your customers will be able to search by license plate number and/or VIN to see if their vehicle is in your impound lot.  It will return additional impound related data that you tell us to include in the search results, including the impound lot fee!

In most cases we can add this feature as part of your existing website without the necessity of totally rebuilding your website.  This application is available by subscription for only $31.99/month and a one time $50 installation and setup fee..  Contact Kim at (480) 471-5817, or email Kim to learn more about this amazing application or to see a demo.