Analytics is a tracking service you can implement on your site to give you reporting on how much traffic your site gets and where it is coming from. It’s a powerful tool if you take part in search engine optimization. You can have access to real-time-data if your technique is drawing in bigger, more targeted crowds to your site.

Blog Section

A blog is a great way to add content to your site to make it more relevant for search engines. It can compliment the content of your static pages and the sidebar that advertises your blog posts is a good way to help fill a static page. Common small business uses for posting are giving helpful tips for your clients and showing resent work. It can also be a resource for your clients to get answers to common questions.

Content Manager

A content manager is website and blog software that resides in the hosted website itself. Its cloud based software that allow multiple users to update the content of the site. Before the days of content managers, someone with proper know-how and software had to make the changes to the site. Content managers allow edits to be done on any device with an internet connection

File Up-loader

A file up-loader is a more advanced form that allows users to send you files. Today there are a lot of options for transferring files through your website. We recommend one that notifies you about the submission and gives you a download link from their server. We live in an unsure world, and it’s best to limit the file types and who has permission to upload files. It is also recommended the files not be uploaded to your server in case there is malicious content encoded in the files. We have found a great service for file up-loaders that will give you the transfer and storage capacity you need that also includes safety and security.

Contact Form

A contact form is a fast and easy way your website visitors can let you know they have some interest in your products and services. Forms on your website can be and integral part of your business. Today there are endless possibilities what can be done with forms. Forms can replace printed business forms, take orders, show inventory, reserve appointment times, and integrate with other services to streamline your business.

Mobile Friendly Theme

With so much web traffic coming from phones and tablets, it only makes sense to build one website that flexes to display your content nicely on PC, tablet and smart phones. Websites should have fast loading time for all devices, but it is also important to keep your mobile visitors in mind. It might make sense to disable some content for smart phones. It is easy to duplicate content on a page and toggle it on/off for the three devices accordingly. Your website should also include click to call and click for driving directions for you mobile visitors trying to contact you.


Search Engine Optimization is an important part of your website if your business relies on visitors finding you from a search engine. Search terms, images, content on pages and posts,  and having a social media presence all play crucial roles in helping you rank up. There are free SEO plugins that can help critique your posts and pages to beat your competition. Mesa Website Designs recommends businesses should contact an SEO professional to ensure you are achieving your SEO goals.


A slideshow is a compact way to display multiple images and not take up much real estate on your site. Having the right transition is the key to being eye-catching and attractive. Functionality and mobile responsiveness are a must in this day and age.


A sitemap is a dedicated page that helps search engines crawl your site to index where everything is. It helps them make sense of your content and how to direct people doing searches to your relevant content. Sitemap plugins are the way to go. When pages posts and products are entered or deleted, the sitemap is automatically updated. We recommend a physical text link on the homepage to the sitemap page. Somewhere in the footer is a good location that is out of the way and easily accessible for bots.


If your site is going to have a video, I recommend hosting it on YouTube or Vimeo and embedding it onto your page or post. That way the format supports every device. It also gives you one more online location to advertise the video. In some cases it makes sense to add the embedded video to a slideshow.